Down the Street to Long Beach Pride 2017

It is very exciting to announce that 4th Street Productions will be working with iZone Marketing on the annual event Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Festival 2017!  2 days full of musical guests and a place where we celebrate love & equality!  The parade is the big draw for Sunday with floats and revelers abound.  Attendees will see the 4th Street Productions crew roaming around getting images & videos of all the celebrations.  A big thank you to our crew who will be giving their everything for the weekend.  Look out for photos from the various events.

It's a win for us and Real Fiction!!

4th Street Productions was a part of the creation of the music video Envy, which during the Indie Music Awards held during the weekend of April 22nd, which won the award we were nominated for.  We want to thank the members of Real Fiction for choosing to collaborate with us on their music video for Envy.  We worked with friends and had a great time working on this project.  Here is the video of them going on stage to accept the award.  To see the actual music video click here!

The word about Feathers and Toast

This web series is a comedic cooking show sizzle reel for the cooking channel. Working with talented actors and crew that are all highly accomplished talent.  The show conveys the importance of cooking and the ways that food and cuisine can improve your life. Playful, cute, funny, quirky, silly, with a hit of serious matters.  For fans of this there will be an extension to it in TV form called The World According to Tallulah.  Check them out at their website!

We worked on this project as audio & camera, having a great time with the creative people working with us.  Here are some behind the scene photos but for all BTS check it out on our Facebook page album!

Michael Vitale Music

We were lucky enough to be a part of a great musical endeavor.  Here is what Michael Vitale said about this project that he is quite proud of: 

The video below was filmed live at Frank Reina’s home studio Studio-333. It’s one of the greatest joy in the world getting to play music with these guys (Brad Cummings on bass, Frank Reina on drums, and Tom Bremer on electric guitar) and it was an honor working with 4th Street Productions to film us while we performed this song live. I am an avid fan of Damian Apunte’s work and John Thatcher Montgomery did a stellar job with the lighting.

Find out about Brewmance

We were asked to take part in learning about the background information about Long Beach home brewers in the project Brewmance.  Director Krista Brock helped introduce us into this interesting subject that is becoming a very big hobby for locals.  Hearing from the the people who have become a part of that particular community, it was a great learning experience and was great working with them!   Check out some of the Behind the Scenes photos we captured at the shoot.

The Last Road Trip Started

This past December, 4th Street Productions collaborated with Zoo House Productions for the filming of their project The Last Road Trip.  Set in a desolate desert location the production crew traveled to Salton Sea, CA to capture the perfect shots.  An end of the world short story revolves around two main characters finding their way in this new reality to come.  Both the crew and the cast worked tirelessly to get the best out of the three days we had there.  A big thanks to any business that allowed us to film at their establishment and an even bigger thank you to the people who volunteered their time or talent to this production.

To see more Behind the Scenes shots, check out our album HERE.

Shooting Envy Music Video

4th Street Productions have been able to be a part of a rockin' shoot with the band Real Fiction.  At the music video for their song 'Envy', we took our time to capture the wild side of their music to give them the best look.  You can see for yourself what a great time we had in this majestically edited video for Envy and how hard the band worked to create the idea they had for the song.  

Our new Photography page!

We are excited to introduce our Photography page of the 4th Street Productions Website!  After compiling all the best photos together from all the different projects we've been a part of, we have made our various galleries available for viewing!  4th Street will offer our customers the choice of Creative, Commercial, & Event photography!  Click the image to visit the page and start exploring!  We hope you like what we put together.  

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The Super Novela Idea

An idea was created and currently we are working on trying to make this idea come to life.  It is based on the aspect of telenovela but super sized!  A TV series based on Director Damian Apunte's Ecuadorian roots which he is very proud of.  We want to delve into the 'secrets' that are hidden within the Hispanic culture that may not be explored yet.  Enjoy the song below, which we want to be featured as the intro to the project. 

Progress in our Projects

Our long talked about project, The Heart of Long Beach, is making headway this summer.  We are progressing some of the short films that we are hoping to put in the final project.  We are in the preliminary stages of producing some of these short films.  Very exciting for us in 4th Street Productions!

Another project that is making headway is Dream Big, a collaboration with the help of John Case who has worked with us throughout the production.  Our grant submission to From the Heart Production is in and being reviewed.  With our submission, From the Heart Productions is helping us with making sure our marketing materials are up to their best quality.  We are very grateful for their help and continued support.

We were lucky to have been a part of a Grow Awareness production called Rise Up.  Our friend Adam Steel headed up this event and we filmed it to capture the lively crowd. 

Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet projects

For a few months now 4th Street Productions has worked on a large project for client Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Centers, which was filmed over a long time at various locations.  These projects allowed our team to explore our creative side and work with some great people along the way!  For the shoots we were able to use a RED camera, only improving the vision the client had.  Our team had a great time working on each set and loved working with Wedgewood, now check out what they have to offer!

Click HERE for Behind the Scenes Photos

MOLAA Featured

4th Street is lucky enough to have a the video we produced for Museum of Latin American Art playing in the museum alongside an exhibit. You can see below how they projected the film on the wall along with the shovel from the tree planting ceremony they held. We recommend going to MOLAA and seeing this for yourself! We want to thank Romero Perez for his musical contributions, The Neighborhood Leadership Program of Long Beach who helped coordinate this event, and Ari Ray Luna our Director of Photography on the shoot.

The Elevator

Recently we worked in collaboration with Kelsey Grace Chavarria on her piece titled, The Elevator.  It is a dynamic love story between three individuals in which everyone can relate to.  This past week we finished up our second day of shooting.  Lauren Atchison will be doing all the editing on The Elevator, while the director has future plans to develop it into a feature film.  We have the first teaser to show you right now!

New Horror Feature

On the horizon and gaining momentum, 4th Street Productions is working with Triglass Productions on a found footage horror feature.  4 people are selected to stay in a haunted hotel as a TV pilot for a reality series.  The goal for these contestants is to see who can last the longest in this haunted hotel where there's more in the dark than they think and where isolation feeds into their own psychological fears.  Unknown to them, they are being filmed from every angle with menacing intent.  The final contestant Christie learns that just as the show is ending, the real game has just begun.  What began as an entertaining challenge quickly becomes a twisted competition for survival.

Dream Big is in the final stages

A project we have been apart of has finally gotten some traction and we are seeing steps being taken to reboot it!  Dream Big (Also previously know as Dream Big at 77 and Come Fly with Me) is a documentary following the inspirational story of Raul Lopez Barerra during a 6 year span following his dream to compete.  We have recently applied for the Latino Media Market and just in the knick of time finished everything we needed.  We have updated our materials and are working the kinks out of our overall storyline!  We want to continue to try to get this documentary out there for the masses to see, so we are looking into more opportunities like DocMontevideo and others. Please support this project by visiting our WEBSITE, but most of all spread the word!  It's never too late to Dream Big.

Where is The Heart of Long Beach?

The Heart of Long Beach is our passion project that we are happy to announce is picking up steam!  A very successful step was for us to be featured at an MTG Dreams event, where we presented The Heart of Long Beach idea to those who attended.  A big thank you to the Art Exchange, Music Tastes Good, Works in Progress and especially Nicolassa Galvez who gave us the invite!  4th Street Production is finding a lot of support from the community and we hope to eventually send out invites to our official Launch Party!  Here's a video you can watch about the MTG event and afterwards check out The Heart of Long Beach website.

Preppers Episode 1 Update

Hey filmakers & fans,

We are onto our next step of preparing Preppers for the masses by having the talented Guillermo Luna take over editing for episode one!  It is coming along nicely and recently I was up in the early hours of the morning to witness what would have been great shots for this project: Apocalyptic fog atmosphere.  You should try to wake up early to see the effect.