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Founder - Producer - Director - DP

Hailing from the mountains of Western North Carolina, Damian Apunte discovered his fascination with film through his early obsession with video games, music videos, films, and ultimately, filmmaking as an undergraduate student at The University of North Carolina at Asheville. 

Now based in Long Beach, California, Damian has kindled his creative passion as Director of 4th Street Productions. Throughout his film career he has directed and produced films that have won awards at various local film festivals as well as an international festival in London. With his love for cinema and community, he’s undertaken numerous influential roles both in his educational and professional careers such as: President of LBCC Filmmakers Association, Lead Film Coordinator for The Art Society of Long Beach, President of the Long Beach Film Festival, and the Director of Production for the Long Beach Film Foundation. 

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Audio Engineer - Editor - DIT

A graduate from CSULA, Jon has truly established himself as a filmmaker on all levels. With a background in mad scientist music and a dog named curly, this dude is Unbreakable Willis. Now residing in Long Beach, he's been collaborating with local productions, building his musical portfolio, and editing features. On his free time, he likes to build time machine looking musical instruments that sound like 28.8 modems and then adds the butter to make it sweet, salty, and fatty. He loves all things Hello Kitty and hella creepy. You'll find him lurking around every corner if you're not careful, and what ever you do, don't let him do impressions of you.



Director - producer

When Todd Grilli discovered the power of filmmaking, he dedicated more than half his life to bringing the visions of those around him, as well as his own, to life.  Since receiving a bachelor’s degree in film studies, Todd has experienced all facets of filmmaking and business through commercial projects with large organizations, documenting underserved communities, developing a grass roots business in marketing, and mentoring young filmmakers.  No matter the size or scale of a project, his passion to create is always present.

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Producer - EDITOR - project coordinator

Starting out with a love for film & television, Juliana’s career began when she decided to become a movie trailer editor in the future.  She began building her skills through her education at Suffolk University.  Working closely with their Marketing and Communications department allowed her to learn how to tell a story in different forms of media, using video and photography.  Mentored by the wonderful staff at the University allowed her to get hands-on experience in the post-production scene needed to advance her film skills.  Finding the knack to build a Social Media presence for businesses has opened her skill set to cover a growing market.  It was deciding to move cross-country from Pennsylvania to California that was the jumpstart for her future in the film industry.  She is working mostly on Short Films and commercial material. 




Director - Producer - writer

Kelsey Grace is a filmmaker based out of Long Beach California. In her youth, she traveled and lived  across North America and Europe filming her experiences as she grew up. The different cultures and adventures have influenced her creatively. Kelsey’s directorial debut was featured at the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival for her short film, What’s Uptick? (2014) Maiden Voyage Productions, winning the Audience Choice Award. She is directing and producing a child advocacy documentary: Fallen Butterflies, featuring Priscilla Perez,James Haven, Anton Yelchin and Jon Voight. Also, collaborating in writing and producing the Original Series Preppers (2015), both 4th Street Productions.

 “My passion is to tell stories through films, If the story keeps you on the edge of your seat anticipating whats next, or relaxing back, moves you to laugh, cry, and feel tenderness – those are the stories I am compelled to tell." – Kelsey Grace

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Growing up watching movie reruns on cable television, Jerry has been dazzled by the movie magic at a young age.  He has always been interested in how a movie is made.  His accomplishment for film begins rolling off when he won several awards for his short films during his high school career, including Best Editing & Best Cinematography.  Now graduated from California State University Fullerton as a film student, he has directed multiple short films including Medals, Broken, and [Untitled].  He has been editing commercial & creative works as well as filming various types of projects as a cinematographer.

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