No Is A Powerful Word

My eyes get huge at the prospect of filming anything that has potential. Paid or unpaid. Like a man that has been fasting for days suddenly stumbling upon a buffet of the utmost gourmet food, I find myself fighting the urge to stuff my face. I've learned a good lesson in the past year of my career. Learn to say no. I had a mentor that used to say "Say yes to everything and then if it's not what you want, say no.". I liked this philosophy, but have found that it can get you in a mess of juggling and stress if you don't follow the second part - say no. I'm happy for all the experiences I've put myself in and would never change anything. But now a new me emerges and rather than focusing all my energy on other people's projects, I'm ready to listen to my heart, mind, creative spirit, and SAY YES. Nothing is more important than self. That is all you have at the end of the day. To all filmmakers out there, take care of your needs bc every job out there, every career, can suck you up to the point of losing your own creative voice or even worse, your self. I've had a rough past 4 years, time to reflect and progress. Make sure you move forward while staying true to yourself. Saying no can empower you. Don't be afraid of it. Take the negative thoughts that surround no, and flip it around to a positive perspective. If you say no to a project, be flattered that you were asked to be a part of it. Someone believes in you.